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Testimonial after taken El Marino

Wong Hooi Chan, 29

Active participation in school sports led to serious freckles, “I didn’t practice good skincare regime then and developed freckles, dry skin and wrinkles. Counter brand skincare products didn’t yield much results. But just 2 months of taking El Marino have resulted in the significant reduction of freckles and more radiant skin.”

Tan Min Nyin, 27

Foo Ji Han, 20

Kent Tan Hui Kuang, 27

Nicknamed ‘the beast’ after an accident, he had facial scars and ‘uneven’ forehead, resulting in low self-esteem and a difficulty in landing jobs. “Later, my skin also became dry, dark and flabby with big pores and wrinkles due to my working environment. After just 2 weeks of taking El Marino, the dead skin on my hands shed, my skin became moist and fairer, pores became smaller and even my scares faded!”

Daniel Lee Boon Lok, 33

“My crow’s feet are so obvious that I look 10 years older, possible because I keep late nights and don’t drink much water. After taking El Marino for 3-4 days, the crow’s feet and laugh lines faded. Three months later, many new acquaintances even mistook me as being in my 20s!”

Koh Geok Mooi @ Ah B, 42

“My friends used to make fun of my big face and double-chin, and call me ‘neckless’. After consuming El Marino, my friends marveled at my fairer skin and reduced double chin. This is the first nutricosmetics that has given me such significant changes!”

Chan Mee Ling, 41

“In just a short period of time, El Marino has transformed my dull skin into a radiant and beautiful complexion; even my freckles have significantly lightened. Amazingly, my hands have also become fairer, firmer with reduced fines lines, and my skin is now smoother!”

Chan Oi Fun, 49

“As I’m frequently under the sun, I developed dry, dull, pigmented and dark skin despite regular salon visits. After taking 2 sachets of El Marino twice a day for 2 weeks, my skin became significantly smoother, brighter and fairer. El Marino is the fastest and most effective way to become beautiful!”

Low Yah Kor, 54

She was annoyed with the wrinkles around her eyes, saggy skin and dull complexion, “When I smiled, you could see the wrinkles around my eyes. People have recommended various brands of nutricosmetics, but I wasn’t confident and the fishy smell really repels me from trying. El Marino’s technology really convinced me and it tastes really good that I bought 4 sets (32 boxes) at one go! It’s only been over a month since I started to take El Marino and the wrinkles, dark spots have significantly reduced and my skin has become more supple and radiant. Even friends who haven’t seen me for a while was curious to see my face glow, and wondered if I had undergone cosmetic surgery or a face-lift! I believe if I continue consuming El Marino, I’ll become even prettier!”

Hamsiah Junid, 55

Having experienced disappointing results with many expensive brands of collagen supplements in the past, Hamsiah is bowled over by El Marino: “Within 2 weeks of consuming El Marino, not only did my dry skin become more moisturised and my facial wrinkles lessened, but the dark spots on my hands, legs and over my entire body also lightened! El Marino is 1 1/2 times cheaper than other collagen brands but the results are 100 times better!”

Grace Tan, 50

I’m careful about what I consume. Yet, El Marino surprised me the first time I tried it. Its advanced technology is so effective that within one month, my face is smoother and more supple. The fine lines, wrinkles, even my freckles have significantly lessened – and without any side effects. Now others don’t believe me when I tell them I have two sons aged 17 and 19. People tell me money can’t buy you lost youth but El Marino is proving them wrong!

Angle Ng Pei Ping, 30

Chartered Accountant from Klang, Selangor
Angie’s working day is between 12 to 20 hours: “It’s impossible to find time for a good beauty regime or beauty centers. El Marino is unique and superb! My skin is moistured, firmer and more elastic, and my pores shrunk in 2 months. Even my 2-inch facial scar from an accident 6 years ago faded! Two sachets every morning and night and you can look prettier, more confident and happier, regardless of your work schedule!”

Qiao Yu, 31

Housewife from China
Qiao Yu has fallen in love with El Marino after just 3 weeks: “My face is prone to pimples. Oily and sensitive, it would also frequently turn red after I wash my face. I’ve tried other brands of nutricosmetics but they were no match to El Marino. El Marino’s results are incredible. My acne scars lightened after just 3 days of consumption. My skin has become much fairer and the acne and shine reduced after 3 weeks. Even the lines on my elbows have lightened!”

Karen Lim Lay Tiap, 41

Former DTP Artist from Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur
Karen practices a basic a basic beauty regime and is astounded at El Marino’s efficacy: “I’ve been taking care of my skin from ‘outside’. My skin is not bad; I just have problems like dryness and dark spots. Affordable and amazing, El Marino gave me a radiant complexion in just a few days. This nutricosmetics has significantly reduced my dark spots and fine lines and my entire body is more supple, moist and smooth. El Marino is the best way to look beautiful always!”

EL Marino

What is El Marino?
El Marino is a unique formulation combining the award winning Pomegranate Active VIQUA®, using a patented ADS® nano delivery system and Specially blended Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen plus Elastin Peptides Collactive®.

Together this special formulation target the inhabitation collagenase and elastase activity that break down skin collagen and elastin. It helps in accelerate synthesis of new collagen and elastin in our skins thus helping directly replenishing collagen and elastin lost. Collagen and elastin played an important role in ensuring a vibrant, elasticity and healthy looking skins.

You find some of the testimonial here: El Marino testimonial on below of this blog

What is Collagen and Skin Aging?
Collagen and Elastin are proteins that form the structure of the skin’s deeper layers, providing skin with appropriate firmness, elasticity and retention of moisture. Up to 70% of our skin tissue are made up of collagen.

Intrinsic aging factors
As we age, collagen production in our body gradually degrade. Scientific research from around the world estimate that a human’s collagen production begins to degrade starting from the age 25. After this vital age, our skin collagen content starts to diminish at the rate of 1.5% per year. By the age of 40, our skin’s natural collagen synthesis would have slows down by at least 30% than when we were 20 years old. This is obvious when skin is injured, its scar heal far more slower.

Gradually, collagen production is outpace by depletion, causing the skin to become dull and dry, losing its firmness and formation of wrinkles. All beautician would have known early sign of aging begins at edge of the eye and hands.

Extrinsic aging factors
On top of that, UV light, environmental pollution, lifestyle stress, unhealthy diet, alcohol and smoking increases the production of free radicals in our body’s cells which trigger the production and activation of harmful enzymes that break down skin structure at a faster pace.

The signs of skin aging caused by collagen deficiency:
• Dry skin
• Dark circles & eye bags
• Dull & uneven skin tone
• Loss of skin elasticity (sagging)
• Fine lines or wrinkles

How do you prevent premature skin aging and restore long lasting youthfulness?
Besides good skin care, we need effective Internal Skin Supplement (nutricosmetics) to not only help replenish lost collagen in our skin, but most importantly to inhibit activity of harmful enzymes that break down collagen and elastin structure in the skin and boost synthesis of collagen faster than its degradation.

El Marino uses the latest advancement in nutricosmetics technology and is specially brought to you by Elken Malaysia. El Marino is an advance food formula that consists of the patented anti-oxidant Viqua, Pomegranate Extract and Collactive, a marine collagen from France.

Product Packaging
Net weight: 7.5g x 30 sachets
Comes in mixed fruit flavor

Consumption recommendation
Dissolve 1 sachet El Marino into 75ml water and stir well. Consume once or twice daily.
Above 30 years of age: 4 sachets per day for the first month. 3 sachets for second month. 2 sachets from thereon. Best taken with empty stomach.

Lemon powder, fructose, maltodextrin, strawberry powder, passion fruit powder, Collactive &tm (collagen & elastin from fish), cranberry powder, pineapple powder, orange powder, Viqua ® (pomegranate extract), red beet powder, citric acid, guar gum, vitamin C.

Active ingredients per serving (7.5g): Collactive ® (collagen and elastin): 0.50g, Viqua ® (pomegranate extract): 0.13g

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